Allison Schulnik PERFORMANCE

Galerie Division is proud to inaugurate its new space at L’Arsenal with the first Canadian solo exhibition of internationally acclaimed American artist Allison Schulnik(b.1978). The day of the opening, Schulnik’s claymation video “Forest” - commissioned by Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear, and dedicated to their song Ready, Able – will be projected in the special project room of L’Arsenal.

Allison Schulnik paints rejects, misfits and their landscapes: “My fixation on these characters is not intended to exploit deficiencies, but to find valour in adversity.” Whether hobos, clowns, misshapen animals or alien beasts, they are usually built upon a human frame, which at times give them an awkward humanity. Schulnik’s sculptural use of oil paint references her clay-animation background, as a motion-like sensibility affords her paintings unparalleled depth and energy.

Drawing from film, music, cartoons and dance, she likes to blend earthly fact and blatant fiction to form a stage of tragedy, farce, and raw, ominous beauty -- at times capturing otherworld buffoonery, and other times presenting a simple earthly dignified moment.

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